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Turtle Academy offers a place to connect, to expand consciousness and grow.

Our main focus is on community and once a month we offer a safe space to connect with other like-minded souls while we explore what it means to be on the path of conscious ascension

This offers the benefits of a modern-day mystery school bringing ancient wisdom to modern living.

Would you love the benefit of being part of a growing and vibrant spiritual community?


What would it feel like for you to every month come into a space where there was nothing to fix? Where you feel supported and safe as you learn to let go of what no longer serves you?


You come just as you are to feel the freedom of total acceptance and be with other unique individuals who have the same common goal and feel excited by the thought of ‘aligning’ with the highest expression of their Divine Destiny in this lifetime

This what we at Turtle Academy aim to do on a zoom call on the last Thursday of every month.

We meet to meditate, learn from each other, while nourishing ourselves with the energies of love.

Our monthly meetings enable you to move from a life led by the mind’s tendency to focus on fear and survival, to a life where a clear mind and a centered, open heart, can work in harmony to embody your soul’s vision for your life and purpose.

Our intention is for you to gain a sense of who you truly are at the very core of your being and inspire you in following your heart’s desires.

This is a pay by donation service.

A minimum donation of £5 is all that is required to join.

Enjoying Outdoor

"Destiny is granted with compassion. there is a time to prepare for knowledge. A time to live it."  -Sufi Teaching


“Just one hour with these spiritual warriors can change your perspective and helps you realise just how much potential and power you hold with in you! Their work has helped me become receptive to how the universe is responding to every thought and vibration. This changes everything.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                               — Hema P

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